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About Us

Visual Agent is a real estate photography company based in the Twin Cities that provides high quality photographs and video with exceptional customer service

Expectations of photographers

  • Independent contractor.

  • Part time position.​

  • ​Needs to own Canon or Nikon camera with wide angle lens​.

  • Use iPhone or Android phone.

  • Own reliable vehicle.

  • Drive up to 30miles (one-way) to a photo shoot.

Duties and Responsibilities ​​​

  • Sync Calendar so agents are able to see availability. (Reduces hassle of scheduling and communication).

  • Meet agent, homeowner, or enter through lockbox at listing. Turn on all lights and make sure windows shades are open. Not responsible to clean or move large objects, but use judgment with small items.

  • Shoot RAW HDR photos

  • Take appropriate amount of photos for the size of the home. 

  • Upload photos before 5pm day of shoot.

Camera Requirements 

  • Camera that shoots HDR

  • In camera or exterior electronic level

  • Wide angle lens

    • Full frame 16mm or 17mm

    • Crop Frame 10mm or 12mm

  • Tripod

Sample photo shoot Requirements 

  • Shoot HDR photos of a listing.

  • Use electronic level to shoot level photos, horizontally and vertically.

  • Shoot photos closer to the ground than ceiling (40/60)

  • Capture 3 walls of room whenever possible.               


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